EDM Text: “That this House is deeply concerned by the announcement on 20 October 2018 by the US President of the decision to withdraw the US from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF); notes that withdrawal from the INF will serve to undermine international attempts to curb nuclear proliferation; further notes that this move will destabilise global and specifically, European security; commends those countries, including France and Germany, who have released statements criticising the move; and calls on the Government to use its influence on Washington to urge the US to deal with any concerns it may have over treaty compliance through diplomatic means and to uphold its commitments to the treaty.”

Signed by:  Debbie Abrahams (Lab); Hilary Benn (Lab); Sir Peter Brake(Lib Dem); Tom Brake (Lib Dem); Deidre Brock (SNP); Alan Brown(SNP); Ruth Cadbury(Lab);  Douglas Chapman(SNP); Ronnie Cowan(SNP); Sir David Crausby(Lab); Jim Cunningham(Lab); Sir Edward Davey(Lib Dem); Martyn Day(SNP);  Emma Dent Coad (Lab); Jonathan Edwards (Plaid); Tim Farron (Lib Dem); James Frith(Lab); Ruth George(Lab); Patrick Grady(SNP);  Kate Green (Lab); John Grodan (Lab); Helen Hayes(Lab); Drew Hendry(SNP); Wera Hobhouse(Lib Dem); Kelvin Hopkins (Ind); George Howarth(Lab); Christine Jardine(Lib Dem); Ben Lake(Plaid); Norman Lamb(Lib Dem); Caroline Lucas(Green); Angus Brendan MacNeil(SNP); Ian Mearns(Lab);  Carol Monaghan(SNP); Layla Moran(Lib Dem); Toby Perkins(Lab); Lloyd Russell-Moyle(Lab); Liz Saville Roberts (Plaid); Jim Shannon(DUP); Tommy Sheppard (SNP); Dennis Skinner(Lab);  Alex Sobel(Lab);  Jamie Stone (Lib Dem); Graham Stringer(Lab);  Chuka Umunna(Lab); Catherine West(Lab);  Hywel Williams (Plaid); Chris Williamson(Lab); Daniel Zeichner(Lab)

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