“CND Peace Education plays a pivotal role in our schools because the most powerful of all weapons is knowledge, for this is a compass that helps us find the path to a peaceful future. We must all be a bridge to this path and not a barricade.”

– Antony Owen


Antony Owen is from Coventry and the author of five collections of poetry. His latest collection – The Nagasaki Elder (V.Press) – was shortlisted in 2018 for the coveted Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry, and two short poems of these appear in a CND Peace Education Resource for schools.

His work has been translated in Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic and Dutch and his peace poetry was also commissioned by Poetry International Europe in their international anthology for bombed cities. In 2018 Owen was a category winner of The British Army’s first Armistice Poetry Competition, and was also a Peace & Reconciliation winner for his home city of Coventry. His highly anticipated next collection, The Unknown Civilian (Knives, Forks & Spoons Press), is out in November 2019. Owen is described by Joseph Horgan as “the bravest British poet of his generation”.


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