Did you know the UK is still officially at war with Korea?

An armistice was signed in 1953, following three years of brutal fighting in the Korean War. But the war has never fully ended and the country remains split in half with families still separated 68 years later.

Peace organisations in South Korea have launched an international campaign, the Korea Peace Appeal, calling for a peace treaty to end the Korean war, with unification and a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula as their goal.

A nuclear weapons-free Korean peninsula would represent an enormous contribution to a peaceful world – which is why CND is calling on our supporters to join the campaign to help focus world attention on the need to end the Korean War.

What can you do?

  • On July 27th, post a photograph of yourself on social media with the the message ‘Let’s End the Korean War! Sign the Korean Peace Appeal’.
  • Use the hashtags #19530727 #EndtheKoreanWar and #KoreaPeaceAppeal
  • Send your photo to endthekoreanwarnow@gmail.com to be displayed on the campaign website