The announcement of AUKUS, the military partnership between the UK, the US and Australia, is a dangerous escalation in the West’s ongoing confrontation with China.

Talk of defending a ‘free and open Indo-Pacific’ is a thinly disguised threat to China that the three powers are going to contest its influence in the region by military means. The deal could also very well lead to the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

CND and Stop the War have arranged this emergency online rally. Join our panel of experts and activists to discuss the dangers ahead and how best to campaign against the risk of conflict.

Speakers include Jeremy Corbyn MP; Marian Hobbs, former New Zealand Minister of Disarmament; Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP; Phyllis Bennis, US author and activist; Denis Doherty, Australian anti-bases campaign; Paul Rogers, Emeritus Professor of Peace Studies, Bradford University; Lindsey German, Stop the War; Jenny Clegg, China specialist, CND. Chaired by Kate Hudson, CND General Secretary.

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