Join the International Peace Bureau for this webinar which is taking place instead of a planned side event for the 2020 nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference. Experts and activists will discuss with participants how to challenge the presence of nuclear weapons in Europe.

Chaired by Reiner Braun, IPB Executive Director.
Speakers include CND General Secretary Kate Hudson, as well as Hans Kristensen, Director Nuclear Project at Federation of American Scientists; Oleg Bodrov, Director Coalition for a Clean Baltic/Russia; Bastien Lachaud, French MP; Kathrine Vogler, German MP; Daniel Högsta, ICAN Campaign Coordinator; Owen Tudor, ITUC Deputy General Secretary; Susi Snyder, Pax Project Leader -Don’t Bank On the Bomb campaig; Philip Jennings, IPB Co-President.

Join on Zoom
Meeting-ID: 923 7941 6263
Password: 123

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