Join Yorkshire CND and the Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign for this webinar linking Fylingdales and Menwith Hill, but emphasising their different roles.

Fylingdales, on the North York Moors, is an operational military base supporting the US developing Missile ‘Defence’ system. A short film about Fylingdales, made by Yorkshire CND, will be shown. Menwith Hill is an intelligence gathering base run by the US National Security Agency, which is used for monitoring, surveillance, drone operations and as part of the Missile ‘Defence’ system.

Speakers include Will Griffin from the Global Network, who recently made a film about the role of Menwith Hill Base and will be showing extracts from the film. Invitations have also been passed on to to local MPs.

It is hoped that a small token presence at each of the bases will take place and form part of the live event.

To join the Zoom meeting, please contact to register.