Join Bradford CND for a gate-side demonstration by Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign as part of the Global Days of Action on Military Spending month of protest. Menwith Hill is a US NSA spy base on the Yorkshire Moors which operates without UK parliamentary oversight. The US maintains over 1,000 foreign military bases around the world, operating largely outside of the control of their host nations, the most recent expansion of US/NATO military forces has been in bases across Asia and Africa. The US spends more on it’s military than the next twelve highest spenders combined and via NATO pushes European countries to follow it’s unsustainable example.

Menwith Hill is the largest intelligence-gathering, interception and surveillance base outside the US. It has many roles which are generally for US interests only (diplomatic, military and economic) – being the hub of the ECHELON global surveillance system (Wikipedia). Menwith Hill featured heavily in Edward Snowden’s release of top secret documents which revealed the extent of the intelligence gathering and surveillance on us all by the NSA/CIA (with the help of GCHQ).

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Menwith Hill