This year is an important anniversary for us all in the Peace movement as it is the 75th anniversary of the dropping of the world’s first atomic bomb. Sadly, our parliamentary representatives over these 75 years have not heeded the important message it gave to the World that use of nuclear weapons are a crime against humanity, are illogical and solve nothing, just create yet more serious issues. They cost us the earth in two meanings.

Once again it is our aim to remind the community we live in to think about the event and hope in turn they become active to help us rid the world of these suicidal weapons.

What’s louder than a Nuclear weapon detonation? Answer – The deafening silence of the apathy our humanity has for the prospect of nuclear annihilation!

The 6th August time table is as follows:-

11.15: Assemble in the Pedestrian Shopping centre, Redhill. Look out for our Reigate and Redhill CND Banner

11.30: A few words of why we are here. followed by a 2 minute silent vigil and then a few appropriate poems

12.00: Walk towards Reigate , maybe pausing at Shaw’s corner War memorial for a publicity opportunity a second vigil and maybe poems.

13.00: Reigate Old Town Hall. for a repeat of the Redhill ceremony.

13.30: A picnic ‘Under the Banner’ social in Priory Park. BYO food and drink, family and friends, and anything to make us laugh!