We are living in increasingly dangerous times, especially in the light of US President Trump’s moves towards nuclear proliferation and a new nuclear arms race, his continual undermining of international law, his escalatory rhetoric and his promotion of intolerance. At the same time, we see the biggest rise in support for fascism and the far right since the 1930s, a greater internationalisation of their movements and their presence in government in a number of countries. Hate crime has spiked to unprecedented levels, racism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism are on the increase.

Fascism and war are intrinsically linked, as history has shown and this slide towards catastrophe must be opposed and stopped.

CND has, and always will, stand up for peace. Join our bloc at this demonstration as we continue our campaign to create genuine security for future generations.

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Transport has been arranged from across the country – see the facebook page for more information.

The demonstration is initiated by Stand Up To Racism, co-sponsored by Unite Against Fascism and LoveMusic HateRacism and officially backed by the TUC.


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Langham Place