The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is a nuclear-armed military alliance which is an obstacle to a peaceful world and global nuclear disarmament. CND is supporting the No to NATO international network’s counter-summit, taking place in protest at the NATO leaders’ summit taking place at the same time.

This webinar will discuss how we can challenge NATO and promote human security.

12-1.30pm: Opening Greetings Özlem Demirel, Germany, MEP, THE LEFT

For nuclear abolition and common security Sean Conner, USA/Germany, International Peace Bureau (IPB)
Solidarity and resistance to war Kate Hudson, CND, UK
Transformation for sustainability and peace Tamara Lorincz, Canada, Women for Peace
Achieving disarmament Quique Sanchez, Barcelona, Global Campaign on Military Spending (GCOMS)
Moderation Jessica Pardo, Colombia, IPB

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