As part of this year’s World Social Forum, a series of online events focused on peace has been organised.

CND General Secretary Kate Hudson is moderating this session to discuss what can social movements do to promote peace and prevent war? In this webinar we will first discuss the ongoing processes of collaboration and dialogue as tools in the pursuit of peace in four different areas of conflict (Nagorno-Karabakh, Donbass, Syria and Palestine) and then ask the question, what the different peace-activities can learn from each other in order to establish a common strategy for the transformation of conflicts.

• on Nagorno-Karabakh:
o-Amir Bekia (Armenia), Academic and Anti-War Activist
o N.N. (Azerbaijan)

• on the conflict in Donbass:
o Nina Potorska (Ukraine), Political Scientist
o Andreij Kochetov (Lugansk), Trade Union Leader

• on the war in Syria:
o Omar Alshaar (Syria), International Movement for Peace in Syria
o Samir Abullaban (Istanbul), Muslim Brotherhood
o Nilüfer Koc (Kurdistan-Germany), Solidarity movement with Rojava
Self-Organized: Parallel Panel Discussions

• on the Resistance in Palestine and Peace in Israel
o Iman Shaker (Palestine-Austria) BDS
o Farid Esack (South Africa) Muslim theologist Solidarity Movement with
o Yoav Bar (Israel) One Democratic State solution

Registration links will be published soon on the webpages of WSF, IPB and No to NATO.

For any enquiries, please contact