The Mistake, by Michael Mears, is a new play performed by Emiko Ishii and Michael Mears, and directed by Rosamunde Hutt.

The dropping of the first atomic bomb is referred to on the Peace Memorial in Hiroshima as “the mistake”. In this 77th anniversary of Hiroshima, Michael Mears’ new play explores personal stories surrounding that catastrophic event. Shigeko Nomura is a young woman living in war-time Hiroshima. Leo Szilard is a Hungarian scientist and ‘father of the atomic bomb’. Paul Tibbets is the American pilot chosen to fly the plane that drops the bomb. At 8.15am on a Monday morning in August, their lives become fatally entangled.

Watch the London previews at Sands Films Studio Theatre, Rotherhithe, SE16 4HZ.

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82 St Marychurch Street
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