As President Trump comes to the UK for the pomp and ceremony of a state visit,  the Women’s Peace Council is calling on women and allies to join them for a People’s Banquet and to share  words of solidarity, love and peace. The event is supported by CND.

The Women’s Peace Council will bring together people from different backgrounds to  imagine a world without fear and hatred. Join us to resist the politics of division and fear.

The People’s Banquet will be a peaceful  evening of breaking bread, contemplation, conversation and prayer – with people of faith,  no faith and across the boundaries that could divide us. Our coming together will show Trump and his ilk that we will not be divided.

All attendees are asked to wear blue – the colour of peace – and to bring white flowers to  offer in peace. Bring prayers, thoughts, messages to share. We will be sitting together  on the grass, so bring cushions and blankets. Bring food to share after 9.15pm (with  respect to those present observing Ramadan).

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