Join Oxford CND and others for an educational workshop for peace and climate campaigners to learn, reflect and respond.

It may – or may not – be too early to say whether the war in Ukraine and with it the renewed threat of nuclear-tipped Cold War will wreck or accelerate national and international efforts to respond to an ever-worsening climate emergency. It certainly poses questions for how grass-roots climate as well as peace campaigners ’think’ effective action in the coming months and possibly years ahead.  

The workshop welcomes anybody with an interest.

Contributors will include Nafeez Ahmed, RethinkX writer and analyst; Stuart Parkinson, Scientists for Social Responsibility; Andrew Simms, Rapid Transition Alliance and New Weather Institute; and Tim Street, nuclear weapons expert.

Event supported by MAW (Movement against War), Oxford CND, Oxford FOE, Swindon XR, Faringdon Peace Group.

For any enquiries, please contact Marianne McKiggan by emailing

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