The war in Ukraine is a disaster for the people of Ukraine, risks spreading conflict and will have far reaching consequences for the wider world.

Join leading activists and experts  for a teach-in on the war. The event will analyse the causes of the war, discuss some of the key controversies it has raised and examine its likely consequences. There will be discussion of Ukraine’s history, NATO’s record, the question of self-determination, the threat of nuclear war, attacks on Russian culture and the issue of refugees.

With guest speakers including Tariq Ali, Vijay Prashad, Lindsey German, Kate Hudson, Aaron Bastani, Andrew Feinstein, Ricardo La Torre.

Due to a number of speakers not being able to participate in this Saturday’s teach-in because they have Covid, we have taken the decision to move the event online. We sincerely apologise to all of you who had booked in advance. Please email to request a refund.

For any enquiries, please contact