Militarism and the climate crisis are inseparable. The US military is the largest institutional consumer of oil in the world, outputting higher carbon emissions that many EU countries. The carbon boot-print of the arms forces has traditionally been excluded from climate treaties from Kyoto onwards, meaning that the military emissions have continued to rise while other sectors have reduced. Our dependence on fossil fuels continues to drive conflict and war – not only in the middle east but via interventions in democratic processes in Latin America and Eastern Europe. The interdependence of nuclear weapons and civilian nuclear power in terms of skills and public resources means that the UK government continues to champion expensive new nuclear at the expense of genuinely clean wind, wave and sun generation.

Speakers: Dr. Stuart Parkinson (Scientists for Global Responsibility) – ‘The Carbon Boot-print of the Military’; Angie Zelter (Co-Founder of XR Peace) – ‘How we Build a Strong Joint Movement and Create Change’.

The meeting will be followed by Yorkshire CND’s AGM (5-6pm) in the same location – all welcome to stay and help us shape the next year of campaigning.

For any enquiries, please contact 01274 730 795 or email

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