For immediate release: 9 June 2004

Mayoral Candidates’ ‘Score Card’ of opposition to War on Iraq and support for the Peace Movement
The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is giving Londoners the opportunity to judge who should get the ‘peace vote’ on June 10th. CND has drawn up a ‘score card’ of action by the main candidates in the Mayoral Election to inform Londoners for their decision on Election Day.

CND held a Peace Hustings for candidates for Mayor of London on the 26th May. CND chair Kate Hudson asked each candidate how many anti-war demonstrations they have participated in, and in what other practical ways they have given support to the peace movement. This is the ‘score card’ of activity by candidates for Mayor in opposition to the War in Iraq based on what they told the Hustings audience. Voters can score the candidates based on their records. As Steve Norris decided to cancel at the last minute believing that the ‘war in Iraq has nothing to do with being Mayor of London’ CND have taken the liberty of giving him ‘0’ points.

Kate Hudson, Chair of CND said,
“Huge numbers of Londoners want a Mayor who will actively support the anti-war movement. There is a lot of rhetoric against the war at the moment, but what have candidates actually done to oppose the war? There have been many opportunities for candidates to be active, including numerous major London demonstrations against the war in Iraq organised by CND, the Stop the War Coalition, and the Muslim Association of Britain. The ‘score card’ we’ve produced will give voters in London a chance to judge the candidates on their record when they decide who should get the peace vote on June 10th.”



Notes to Editor:
1. For further information please contact Ruth Tanner CND’s Press & Communications Officer on 0207 7002350 or 07968 420859

2. Details of CND Peace Hustings which took place on the 26th May 2004:
Wednesday 26th May at 7pm, Large Hall, Friends House, Euston Road, NW1
Candidates that took part:
Ken Livingstone (Labour)
Simon Hughes (LibDem)
Darren Johnson (Green)
Lindsey German (Respect)
Steve Norris (Conservative) (cancelled at the last minute)

Issues raised at the Hustings included the continued occupation of Iraq, pre-emptive war, nuclear first-use policy, and the possible development of new nuclear weapons. The threat posed to Londoners by the Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment which is only 50 miles away from central London was addressed, as was concerns felt by Londoners about nuclear trains, which transport nuclear material through high-density population areas.

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