13 February 2004: for immediate use

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament today condemned the Government’s decision to hold the Butler Inquiry behind closed doors, dismissing this decision as ‘shameful’. It again urged the Government to widen the remit of the Inquiry to include a full investigation into the political decisions to go to war, and reiterated its demand for a full independent public inquiry.

CND believes that the Government must be accountable for their actions to the public, and must answer the legitimate questions of the British people. The Government took us into an illegal war and now it must be prepared to explain and account for that decision, which has led to the loss of so many lives.

CND has continually questioned not only the credibility of the intelligence about Iraq’s supposed Weapons of Mass Destruction, but also the political judgments exercised, and believes the British public has a right to have answers to all of these questions.

CND has maintained throughout this conflict that the war on Iraq was illegal and immoral, and believes that the Government must now be held responsible for their actions, starting with an immediate and full public inquiry.

CND Chair Kate Hudson said:

“After the scandal of the Hutton Inquiry we are now presented with the farce of the Butler Inquiry. A proper independent public inquiry is essential. The Government can no longer be allowed to hide behind the veil of its own carefully assembled inquiries. The British people are entitled to have their many questions about the war answered, and answered honestly.”

“The Government must get its head out of the sand and face up to the fact that this issue will not go away until the crucial questions are answered.”




Notes to Editor

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