Campaigners have responded to John McDonnell’s emergency budget demand.

Kate Hudson, CND General Secretary, said:

“Investment in public services is vitally necessary – so it’s time for Labour to prioritise that and drop its commitment to wasting £205 billion of public money on Trident.

“Investment in public services is about creating a decent society for all – a well-educated and healthy populace, with real security issues addressed. Wasting £205 billion on a cold war relic is completely incompatible with that approach.

“The Labour Party is putting forward a real alternative vision of how to run the economy to address inequality and serve the needs of the whole community. But on Trident it lines up with the government and accepts the status quo.

“Every billion committed to Trident is a billion that could be spent on schools and hospitals, or on defence diversification for hi-tech jobs that address the 21st century threats we face like climate change and terrorism.

“Britain needs a government with a new vision and a new set of spending priorities that meet people’s needs. They cannot include Trident.”