Anti-nuclear campaigners have responded to a new report published today by the UK Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee. The report says the Ministry of Defence has left the taxpayer to shoulder billion pound cost increases due to the MoD’s poor contract design and management.

Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:

“The billions being wasted on Trident by the MoD is a national scandal. Trident has become a bottomless pit for spending, with billions being poured in and nothing useful coming out.

“This is morally contemptible when we consider the heroic efforts of carers, nurses and doctors, who are fighting a pandemic for a National Health Service that has been starved of the resources it needs for a decade.

“The billions being wasted on a phantom threat should be spent on addressing the real threat before us. Use the money to give carers a pay rise, to give them the PPE and equipment they need, and invest now in healthcare and real security to get on top of this crisis and prepare for future threats.”

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