The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the Stop the War Coalition  have called a demonstration today at Downing Street from 5 to 6pm: No Military Intervention in Libya.


CND General Secretary, Kate Hudson, said:

‘The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament regrets the British government’s decision to pursue military intervention in Libya and urges a political and diplomatic response to the Libyan regime’s ceasfire declaration. Intervention is difficult and dangerous and runs the risk not only of major civilian casualties but also escalation into a major war in Libya and even further afield. The lessons of the last decade’s interventionist wars have not been learnt: military intervention is not the answer to the just demands of the Libyan people for freedom and democracy.


CND urges political solutions including increased sanctions on the Libyan regime and calls on the British government to guarantee that civilian life will be protected. We are disappointed that Mr Cameron today in parliament chose not to respond to a direct request for assurances that uranium munitions would not be used during any attacks. We now need assurances that such weapons of indiscriminate effect will not be used.’