New nuclear is being sold as a panacea for energy security and meeting decarbonisation targets. Indeed, the much trailed UK government emergency energy security strategy announced on April 7th, has new-nuclear central to this. Along with the promise of “secure, clean and affordable British energy for the long term” is the creation of thousands of jobs in the sector. This is at a time when we have an opportunity to get out of nuclear power for good, without threatening the livelihoods of workers as decommissioning and waste management will guarantee many many jobs for years to come.

This webinar looks at the myth of jobs in the nuclear sector, its links between civilian and defence jobs, and explains why waiting for the government to deliver on these will see other important work needed to decarbonise the economy neglected. It explores the alternative for workers and the hype around small modular reactors.

With guest speakers Sam Mason, policy Officer at PCS trade covering sustainability and climate change, representing her union on the global Trade Unions for Energy Democracy initiative; and Professor M. V Ramana, a leading world expert on SMNRs, a physicist by training, now Professor and Simons Chair in Disarmament, Global and Human Security at the University of British Columbia. Chaired by Daniel Blaney, CND Vice-Chair.


Download Professor Ramana’s slides here