CND has labelled David Cameron’s assertion that the government will order four new Trident submarines as “arrogant” and “bypassing the democratic process”.

The Prime Minister made the statement in a speech delivered to the Conservative Party conference today ahead of a parliamentary decision due in 2016 on whether Britain will replace its nuclear weapons system.

Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:

“This is complete arrogance on the part of the Prime Minister, bypassing the democratic process and showing contempt for parliament. The parliamentary vote, expected in 2016, is long-awaited – first promised by the Labour government in 2007 and reinforced by subsequent governments.”

“This is a crucial matter for this country, with economic, security, moral and legal implications. The views of our elected representatives – and indeed the population as a whole – cannot be ignored. The Labour Party is initiating a major debate on this question, and the country deserves no less from its government. We cannot allow new nuclear weapons to be railroaded through without full consideration – as if we were still in the Cold War.”

“Mr Cameron would also do well to recall that the country he wishes to physically impose these weapons upon – Scotland – has said no to nuclear weapons. To proceed without parliamentary discussion, including Scottish MPs, would throw the legitimacy of any decision into serious question.”

“We call on the Prime Minister to facilitate a serious debate: to stop the posturing and address the concerns of public. Let’s invest the billions for Trident on addressing the real security challenges we face like terrorism and climate change.”

CND will hold a national Stop Trident march and rally in central London on Saturday 20th February 2016.