Anniversary of the Fukushima disaster – 11 March

Around the country anti-nuclear campaigners and activists will commemorate the ongoing disastrous effects of the nuclear accident that took place in Japan five years ago.

The Japanese government remains unable to contain the problem. Radioactive leaks at the site means that thousands of people continue to be displaced.

Nuclear accidents like this have widespread and long-lasting consequences, yet the UK government retains its commitment to build a new generation of nuclear power stations.

Join us over the next week to learn more about the Fukushima disaster and to show your opposition to government nuclear policy at commemorative events across the UK.


Fri 11th 17:30: Vigil outside Japanese Embassy
Sat 12th 12:00: March on Parliament and Rally
Thurs 17th 19:00: Parliamentary Public Meeting

Fri 18th-Sun 20th: ‘Cher30byl and Fuku5hima – Beyond Nuclear’.

Fri 11th 12:00: Remember Fukushima/Stop Moorside Vigil

Fri 11th 18:00: Stand Against Oldbury Nuclear Power Station

Fri 11th 8:00: Commemorate Fukushima/No Wylfa B

Further details can be found on the Remember Fukushima web site