A poem by prize-winning poet and patron of CND’s Peace Education programme Antony Owen. 

Tribute to Bruce Kent

I saw you in the stillness of my shadows robe
black as a monsignor the echo of who you were
stretching out a congregation of permanent shadows from
Nagasaki to Hiroshima and the heavy water of God’s blown eye.

I remember your hair like a snow drift upon a mind of nuclear fires.
And your echo of measured words in meanings not kiloton
at Coventry Cathedral the stained windows chose you.
The world is more interested in Jonny Depp’s trial
yet you always chose the procession of ghosts.

An old woman once showed me Coventry before it was blitzed.
And she looked deep into my eyes and plucked out a phoenix
she told me that the greatest ever thing built is hope
how it takes just one soul to ignite the spirits
I thought of you as my candle danced to grey.

by Antony Owen