Nuclear Weapons are Banned! What does this mean for Britain?

Nuclear weapons continue to threaten the world with war and terror. This fact has been brought home by the invasion of Ukraine. Around 12,000 nuclear weapons are in the hands of Russia and three NATO governments (United States, UK and France). Recent events provide a stark reminder of what can go wrong when possessing and relying on nuclear weapons for deterrence: dangerous leaders, miscalculations, escalation, ‘use them or lose them’ pre-emptive strikes… it only takes a hundred Hiroshima-sized bombs to cause nuclear winter and global starvation.

Read in this report (click left) how the security risks and dangers of nuclear weapons led to the United Nations’ new Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). Find out more about how UK, NATO and ‘our’ nuclear weapons undermine our own security, and the humanitarian disaster and mass destruction if they were ever fired.

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Conclusions and recommendations 

The briefing was written by Dr Rebecca Eleanor Johnson, CND Vice-President, who was involved in negotiations for a nuclear ban treaty since the initial meetings.

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