Anti-nuclear campaigners have responded to The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announcement that the Doomsday Clock is still two minutes to midnight.

Sara Medi Jones, CND spokesperson, said:

“With President Trump’s expected announcement next week that the US will withdraw from the INF treaty, it sadly comes as no surprise that the Doomsday clock is still very close to midnight.

“The landmark INF treaty saw the elimination of nearly 3000 nuclear weapons and if it is scrapped there is a danger we will see the return of US nuclear missiles here in Britain. Tearing up the treaty threatens to ramp up the arms race between the US and Russia, with Britain caught in the crossfire.

“The British government should immediately make clear that it will refuse to host US missiles if the treaty is scrapped. The response we’ve received so far from the government has not been particularly encouraging. We must make clear it would not be tolerated.

“The arrival of American Tomahawk Cruise missiles in Britain in the 1980s inspired a mass movement to rise up to resist moves to nuclear war. It’s crucial that we now rise again.”