CND calls for an end to the production of nuclear energy – a technology that’s dirty, dangerous and economically unsustainable. Nuclear power burdens future generations with a potential human and environmental disaster that is not compensated for by the expensive electricity produced. And furthermore, there is absolutely no need for nuclear energy, as renewable energy sources offer a clear, clean and sustainable alternative.

A wind turbine, a source of clean, renewable energy

As such, we’re delighted to tell you about our partnership with Teemill, and how your clothing purchases can support renewable technologies. When you purchase one of our T-shirts at, not only are you helping to support our campaign against nuclear energy, you’re also buying a product that’s both ethically made and environmentally friendly (and looks fabulous to boot!).

Teemill is owned by the very clever and socially-conscious people at Rapanui, and what makes our partnership with them so exciting is that they have engineered the whole manufacturing process, from picking the raw materials for your T-shirt to shipping the finished product to you, to be as green as possible.

The cotton the T-shirts are made from is 100% organic: no pesticides are used in its farming, and as the farms are located in northern India the majority of the water required is provided by monsoon-filled reservoirs.

This cotton is then processed and used to make your T-shirt in a factory which is powered entirely by renewable energy – two wind farms to be precise!

More good newsA worker puts the finishing touches on a T-shirt made from organic cotton at our renewable-powered garment factory is to be found in the dying process. In the fashion industry generally the dyes used in garment making are a major source of pollution, from the wastewater generated by dyehouse effluent. However, your T-shirt is dyed in a recirculation system where waste water is settled, filtered then cleaned so that it can be used again, creating a closed loop which produces next to no waste products.

Having been manufactured in India, your T-shirt is then shipped to the UK ready for delivery. In order to minimise carbon emissions, we do this by boat and not plane; we want every stage of the process to be as environmentally friendly as we can make it.

Say no to nuclear in style with our awesome new 'no need for nuclear' campaign t-shirtMeanwhile, the whole manufacturing process is powered by renewables, from the wind-powered factories in India to Rapanui’s own solar farm in the UK. So when you buy one of our T-shirts – such as our lovely Renewables T-Shirt, perhaps – you can rest assured that you are helping to make our vision for cleaner and more sustainable energy supplies become a reality.

So say no to nuclear and support our campaign for renewable alternatives by purchasing one of our stylish new campaign T-shirts at