For immediate release:9 October 2002
Demonstration in Plymouth Saturday 12 October 2002

CND continues to campaign for all countries to respect international law. All weapons of mass destruction are contrary to international law, including Trident – Britain’s submarine-based nuclear weapons system.

CND congratulates the organisers and all the people who attended the magnificent ‘No War Against Iraq’ demonstration in London on Saturday 28 September..

The unexpectedly narrow defeat of the anti-war resolution at the Labour Party conference showed the strength of the anti-war opinion even at the heart of the Labour Party.

CND, with the local anti-nuclear coalition, has called a national demonstration in Plymouth on 12 October to protest against the refit of Trident nuclear submarines in the Devonport Dockyard.

The demonstration will also reflect CND’s view that a war on Iraq would result in the deaths of many thousands of innocent civilians without bringing justice to the Middle East.

Devonport is one of the principal bases for the Royal Navy from where vessels have already left for the Middle East.

Carol Naughton, chair of CND has said:

‘All nations, not just Iraq, should adhere to United Nations resolutions and international treaties, including the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which Britain is breaking by its continued possession of nuclear weapons.’

‘We call on the British government to de-commission, not re-commission the Trident submarine fleet.’

Protesters will gather on Plymouth Hoe from 12 noon. They will leave at 13.00 hrs for a march through Plymouth to Albert Gate, Devonport Dockyard. Carol Naughton will read a statement of protest to the demonstrators who will sit down for 20/30 minutes. The statement will then be handed in, addressed to the MoD. The march will move off to Devonport Park where speakers will address the rally.