A resolution has been passed at this year’s SNP conference which calls on the Scottish Government to ‘support and encourage’ local Scottish authorities to block the transportation of Trident nuclear materials through Scotland.

Motion 12, proposed by East Kilbride SNP branch, calls on the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) to empower local authorities ‘to take any action within their powers to stop the transportation of dangerous materials, including nuclear weapons through the environs of Scotland’.

Currently, nuclear materials travel hundreds of miles by road across Scotland and routes are often dangerously close to population areas. Instead, the movement of nuclear materials can now by prohibited by local authorities, making Scotland safer for all its citizens.

This is fantastic news, and shows the strength of feeling in Scotland in support of the UN nuclear weapons ban treaty.

CND calls on the UK government to follow this approach and make us all safer by scrapping Trident. Join us in petitioning for an end to nuclear weapons, ensuring the safety of generations to come.

CND is concerned about all nuclear convoys in Britain and closely monitors their movement throughout the UK. You can get involved in this by visiting the Nuke Watch page. Here you can also find guidance about voicing your concerns over nuclear convoys to your local representative.