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Kate Hudson, Chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, said:

“Supporters of nuclear weapons have made such allegations over the years, yet not once have they produced a shred of evidence to support them. In the 1980s Bruce Kent offered £100 to anyone who could prove CND had received money from Moscow – the cheque remains unclaimed to this day.

UKIP is merely re-hashing decades-old unsubstantiated allegations which have no basis in fact. It is quite incorrect to suggest that donations not linked to any identifiable individual were the responsibility of someone charged with collecting ‘from anonymous donors’. UKIP cites figures for a year when hundreds of thousands of people joined some of the largest demonstrations Britain has ever seen, during the course of which countless unrecorded individuals would have made contributions of all sizes. Pound notes dropped into collection buckets by members of the public constitute donations that ‘could not be traced back to the original donors’ but are the product of mass political support amongst the British public – quite the opposite of funds coming from the machinations of a foreign power. CND will be consulting lawyers regarding the allegations made by UKIP.”