For immediate release: Thursday 10th July 2003



The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) is able to offer the British government assistance in finding Weapons of Mass Destruction–(WMD).

They can be found at:-

1. Faslane, Argyll and Bute, Scotland.

2. Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), Aldermaston, Berkshire.

3. Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), Burghfield, Berkshire.

4. Royal Naval Arms Depot Coulport, Scotland.

Every day the very foundation and justification for war is crumbling under the government’s feet. Tony Blair refusal to hold an Independent Judicial Inquiry is a clear sign that there is something to hide. The very credibility of the intelligence service and the government is at stake and cannot be left to an inconclusive partisan decision by the Foreign Affairs Committee, nor the secretive, selective and partial Security and Intelligence Committee.

Failure to find WMD unequivocally proves the war was totally unnecessary. By taking the UK to an illegal and immoral war in Iraq, Tony Blair has not only risked the security and safety of the British people, but has also made the world a more unstable and insecure place.

CND notes that it would take over 10 years to destroy Britain’s WMDs – the idea that WMDs were destroyed before the war is another lie the government is trying to maintain. As Dr. Thomas Inch, former Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Ministry of Defence Scientist, said before the Foreign Affairs Committee on 18 June 2003, “I do not believe that you can hide the fact that you had been making some toxic chemicals on that site. If a site had been declared as a chemical weapons producing site, [..], then I believe that the trace analysis and so on of certain residues would probably give confirmation of whether or not that was a correct statement.”

CND finds itself aligning with unlikely company including John Major and the Conservative Party in calling for a Independent Inquiry [1]. CND also calls for Independent Weapons Inspectors to be allowed back into Iraq, a UN Force and Administration to take over in Iraq immediately.

CND Chair Carol Naughton says, “CND can help the government find weapons of mass destruction. They’re here in Britain and on Trident and are ready to be fired in 15 minutes, never mind 45mins. This government will not and can not ever be believed or trusted until there is a full Independent Judicial Inquiry”.



1. Lawyers acting for CND and other groups urge the government to hold an independent judicial inquiry.

i. For interviews, more information or comment please contact CND Press Office on 07968-420-859 or CND Chair Carol Naughton on 07736-698-702.

ii. UNMOVIC Executive-Chairman Hans Blix said on the 23 May 2003, “I am beginning to suspect there possibly were not” with reference to WMDs and on the 7 March he asked the Security Council, “Could it be that the main fear of the US and UK governments was not Iraq’s weapons, but that the inspectors would declare Iraq clean of prohibited weapons before they had the chance to invade?”

iii. CND – the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) formed in 1958, campaigns non-violently for the global abolition of nuclear weapons and has expert knowledge on all nuclear issues.