Responding to the summer budget this week:

Kate Hudson said, “It’s clear from the redundancies that have followed this week’s announcement from the government, that this budget is nowhere near what is needed to tackle the deep economic crisis we are speeding towards.

“This pandemic has had huge implications on jobs, health and the environment, and to face these continuing existential threats, much more than £3 billion towards green spending will need to be invested to tackle the climate emergency and job cuts.

“The threat of nuclear disaster is always with us.  And whilst the UK government still insists on spending billions on the mishandled, misguided and obsolete replacement of the Trident nuclear weapons system – at least £205 billion over its lifetime – we are all at risk.

“Our future depends on the government being willing to invest in green jobs, our education and health system.  Only then will we see a safer, greener future which will enrich all our lives. ”