Don’t Bank on the Bomb’s newly released report reveals that Aviva, Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds and the Royal Bank of Scotland are among the 27 UK financial institutions in the UK that have invested $31.573 billion in the nuclear weapons industry in the past two years.

Top ten UK investors

  1. $5bn – Barclays
  2. $4.3bn – Lloyds Banking Group
  3. $2.9bn – HSBC
  4. $2.9bn – Invesco
  5. $2.1bn – Legal & General
  6. $1.8bn – Royal Bank of Scotland
  7. $1.1bn – Lazard
  8. $895.9mil – Standard Chartered
  9. $759mil – Silchester International Investors
  10. $514.8mil – Prudential

This is just a drop in the ocean of the $748 billion global total investments in the nuclear weapons industry over the past two years from 325 financial institutions. This is an increase of 42% since Don’t Bank on the Bomb’s 2016 report.

Top ten global investors

  1. $66bn – Vanguard
  2. $61 bn – BlackRock
  3. $59bn – Capital Group
  4. $52bn – State Street
  5. $31bn – Verisight
  6. $31bn – T. Rowe Price
  7. $29bn – Bank of America
  8. $23bn – JPMorgan Chase
  9. $20bn – Wells Fargo
  10. $17bn – Citigroup

Kate Hudson, General Secretary of CND, said:

“It is frankly appalling that these companies are making money out of nuclear weapons companies whilst the UK government is wasting £205 billion of taxpayers’ money replacing the Trident nuclear weapons system. We welcome this report from Don’t Bank on the Bomb and its essential contribution to the case against investing in nuclear weapons. These findings must be used to pressure these companies to divest from funding these weapons of mass destruction.”

  • “Shorting our security – Financing the companies that make nuclear weapons” Don’t Bank on the Bomb
  • Sign our petition to scrap Trident
  • If you are a customer of these banks contact customer service.
  • Full list of UK companies and amount invested in 2018-19: Aviva ($239.8 mil), Barclays($5bn), Fidelity International ($215 mil), HSBC ($2.9bn), Intrinsic Value Investors ($39.5mil) Invesco ($2.9bn), Janus Henderson ($6.1mil), Jupiter Fund Management ($147.7mil), Lazard ($1.1bn), Legal & General ($2bn), Lloyds Banking Group($4.3bn), Majedie Asset Management ($240mil), Marathon Asset Management ($217mil), Marshall Wace ($66mil), Odey Asset Management ($13mil), Old Mutual ($608mil), Opus Corporate Finance LLP ($37.3mil), Orbis Group ($68.3mil), Prudential ($514.8mil), Royal Bank of Scotland ($1.8bn), RWC Partners ($59.3mil), Schroders ($165.2mil) Serco Group Employee Benefit Trust ($11.7mil) Silchester International Investors ($759mil), Standard Chartered ($895.9mil), Standard Life Aberdeen ($374.4mil) White Mountains Insurance ($439.9mil)