Donald Trump is dismantling the international rules-based system that has helped prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons and reduced the threat of nuclear war.

As Kate Hudson argues in her latest blog, the US withdrawal from the INF treaty calls into question whether Washington will work with Moscow to renew Obama and Medvedev’s New START treaty in 2021, when it is due to expire. If US national security adviser John Bolton has his way, once the Treaty expires there will be no restraints on nuclear weapons left.

The threat of a nuclear war is rapidly increasing. It’s clear we need a new era of diplomacy to avert a crisis. The global nuclear ban is a fresh diplomatic framework that sets out how countries can work together to build a nuclear-free world. It’s vital the British government engages with it.

To support this work, towns and cities around the world are becoming Global Ban Communities as they sign up to support the UN’s Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Find out how your town or city could be the next to support the ban.