We have mixed messages on the progress of the Integrated Review. At Defence Committee on the 22nd of April, Secretary of State for Defence, Ben Wallace, said that work has commenced on the Integrated Review (IR) although it has been paused.  He also said it will recommence this autumn however he does not have an exact date.

Later the Secretary of  State went on to say that the Integrated Review had not been suspended it had just slowed down.

Confusingly, when questioned again on the Integrated Review, he went on to say that the Review will be the end of this year and not next but again he hadn’t got an exact date.  When pushed on whether it was recommencing or we’ll see a final conclusion at the end of the year he said, “err… I think for commencement.”

One might assume from this that the government is pushing ahead with the review, silently. Or then again, maybe not.