There are rumours that ‘Main Gate’ will be debated and voted on in Parliament next week.

Main Gate is the final decision taken by Parliament on whether or not to give the green light to government plans to manufacture a replacement for Trident, the UK’s nuclear weapons system.

If the vote goes ahead, it’s clear it has been timed to respond to growing opposition to Trident both within Parliament and the public at large. Former advocates of Trident appear to be bowing to the pressure – even The Times ran an article criticising government plans.

We must be ready to respond, and putting the pressure on now is critical. Please take part in CND’s constituency lobby this weekend and whatever the decision, the Stop Trident demonstration on the 27th February needs to be huge. Opposition to Trident is now a majority held view and we must not let the government railroad through a decision which will do nothing to meet the security challenges that we face.