Join CND and guest speakers on February 20th to discuss the current situation in the Middle East and how we can best campaign for peace in the region. Will the Middle East ever be nuclear-free? And what is the UK’s role in the region? The event couldn’t come at a more vital time, as the violence in Palestine escalates.

As talks continue to restore the Iran nuclear deal, it seems clear that some progress is being made. But resumption of the deal will not solve the most serious nuclear problem in the Middle East – namely Israel’s nuclear arsenal. Israel’s arsenal is outside of any international monitoring, yet no sanctions are placed on it or punitive action taken as a result. Successive nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conferences have called for a nuclear weapons-free Middle East, and the international community must now take steps to ensure the negotiations to this end are a success. There can be no peace in the Middle East while those weapons of mass destruction remain.

CND will be addressing these issues in depth in its forthcoming online conference: Working for Peace in the Middle East, on Sunday 20th February.

1pm – 2:10pm: Voices from the Middle East: can the region be nuclear-free?
Chair: Dave Webb, CND Chair
Sharon Dolev, Middle East Treaty Organisation (Israel)
Emad Kiyaei, Middle East Treaty Organisation (Iran)

(Ten-minute break)

2:20pm – 3:30pm: Under scrutiny: the UK in the Middle East
Chair: Tom Unterrainer, CND Vice-Chair
Andrew Feinstein, Director of Shadow World Investigations
Kate Hudson, CND General Secretary

(Ten-minute break)

3:40pm – 4:10pm: Campaigning for peace in the Middle East – what next?
Chair: Jill Evans, CND Cymru Chair
Lindsey German, Stop the War convenor
Sara Medi Jones, CND Campaigns Director

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