Nuclear weapons manufacturers are visiting London. And CND is joining the resistance.

They will exhibit at one of the world’s largest arms fairs – the Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI). Every two years, the global arms trade comes to London – DSEI returns to London’s Docklands this September.

Some of the companies exhibiting manufacture key parts of nuclear weapons systems, including Trident. Click here for a list.

Join CND as we oppose this trading in war and death, and make a stand against the UK’s nuclear weapons system. As part of the activities, we’re organising an online rally on why we must stop the arms trade.

Diary of events

More information available on Stop DSEI Arms Fair 2021 Facebook page

Mon 6th   Palestine Solidarity Day
Tues 7th   Know Your Rights trainings & various workshops
Wed 8th   Demilitarise Education Day
Thu 9th     Migration, Borders and Anti-Racism Day
Fri 10th     Climate Justice Day
Sat 11th    Festival of Resistance
Sun 12th   Resist DSEI: Stop Arming Israel Demonstration
Tues 14th Tank the Arms Fair: Resisting the DSEI Arms Fair day of action
Tues 14th  CND online rally: Selling death – why we must stop the arms trade
Tues 14th Peace walk to DSEI
Thu 16th   Resist DSEI: Stop Arming Israel – Palestinian-Led Rally

During past weeks of action, as lorries and trucks transporting armoured vehicles, missiles, sniper rifles, tear gas and bullets have attempted to get on site, people from around the world have been there to make their opposition heard and even by putting their bodies directly in the way.

Join us for Stop the Arms Fair 2021!